Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Giant Candle...

Once upon a time...
me (m) : Let's hang out!
friend (f) : Yesss...where to?!
m : Dunno...anywhere
f : Hmm...I'd like to go to the National Monument, bcoz, don't laugh, I've never been to the top....
m : haven't??!
f : You have?
m : Hell, yeah..! (In elementary school)

As it turned out, I kept forgetting and asking what it's like and how get to the top.
Shame shame!

lilin emasnya mana ya?

over the top...

Istiqlal Mosque from the top
attack of the Giant..

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Best Finding: Black CursePurse

Iam a huge fan of purses and wallets. I sort of collect them, all brands, from the original to the non-original ones. From leather to plastics. I just love them....

Yesterday, while running errands in Blok M Area, I spotted this black vinyl leather cursepurse for only 20,000 rups!
I know...I know, it is a replica of an expensive brand. Well, ok, fakey...But, it has many pockets and card holders!
In my eyes, it looks glamorous!
What da ya think?

Charles & Keith-is purse

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Cover Your Closet

My latest DIY project would be this old (and ugly) cupboard of my brother's that he still keeps in my so-called walking closet (room). Seriously, I really wanted to just get rid off this, but the wood is still in great condition, except that my brother drew things on it when he was young.
don't you just wanna to remove this thang?!
don't you just wanna to remove this thang?!

Instead of re-furnishing and painting it, which would cost some, I tore pages from some fashion mags that have goods pics to cover the bad scratches. Using double tape, I stuck them on the two doors of the cupboard. Yes, it may take quite some time and hours, but I just need to be patient and meticulous displaying them.

pick mag pages with best pics. Preferably, not printed ads with many writings
I chose both color and BW pics for the cover, although total BW pics are better (but they're not easy to find, aren't they?).
self-photos are also good
I admit it is not so exceptional, but I am pretty much satisfied with the result. At least I don't have to spend money to do so. Free and simple!

ps. I'm still figuring out how to make the big black suitcase above the board look better (or how to throw it??)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Best Finding: Cute Display

To be honest, I am not quite sure what these are. My sister said those are candle-brackets, but...really??
I'd say those are simply cute slim-female decorations that you could display on tables or desk or else. Whatever they are, I got these from (again) Oke Doku for 6,000 rup only each. I put them on my file container, next to my (real) candle-bracket I have earlier. I accented with green plastic tray to bring more color.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trashy to Flashy

When going through my computer archives the other day, I spotted a box of old floppy discs that were still in my desk at home. Oh my, I completely forgot that I still kept them! Yes, still can't believe it myself.
I was about to dispose the floppies, when this idea came across my mind of making a use of them. Hmm...

 I tore the discs apart and took the black round plastic plates from inside. 

 They looked like mini phonograph records.
I put double tape on and stuck them on the drawers of my plain greenish file plastic container in my sanctuary, and, ....

My container no longer looks boring! Yihaa...!

Tools: Floppy disc, scissor, double tape

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Earring Net

I just bought this table tennis net from the all-6000rup-item shop - Oke Doku (seriously, you ACTUALLY can find good inspiring cheap items here for your home) - that I thought maybe would be useful in my sanctuary (bedroom that is) which I planned to re-decorate.
I decided to use it for my earring collection that I haven't yet well organized.
  • Prepare the table tennis net. Fold it and tie the net bands to a hanger. Just like that!

  • Then hang the tip of earrings on the net.

  • Add some accessories to the hanger to give a bit of arty look to the hanger. In this case, I hang my sunglasses on the hanger.

  • I also put my big bracelet and band into the net.
Coincidently, it matches my sanctuary's wall color!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Stories Behind

Merlion. Salah satu landmark ngetop Singapore, perpaduan antara singa dan mermaid atau duyung.

Kalo ini perpaduan antara manusia dan air, kami menyebutya Merdini, ... alter ego of my sister Dini.

Naik Singapore Flyer di malam hari lebih disarankan (entrance fee: SGD 29, tapi buat turis beli 2 gratis 1, tinggal nunjukin paspor). Kita masuk kapsul Flyer barengan dgn pasangan Korea (trust me, I know how they sound) yg baru nginjekin kaki dah syur takesyur saling motret2 (tanpa niat berinteraksi). As much as I love Korean stuff, sebel jg sih ngeliat itu. Huh, kita jg bisa poto2! *nyolot gak jelas*.

Langsung gue ngeluarin tripod dan menyuruh kakak2 gue berfoto mesra. Cekkreekk...
Wadoh gelap...
Tiba2 aa ide cemerlang, gue nyalain senter dari hape dan minta keponakan gue utk megang dan menerangi kakak2 gue. Cekreekk...Berhasil! Lumayan dpt beberapa shot.

Pada akhirnya...
Cowo korea-nya mendekati kami dan minta difoto berdua istrinya pake kamera gue, tapi memory card-nya dari dia. Dia mau bayar untuk itu (aga ga jelas sih ngomong apa, tapi udah siap2 megang dompet), karena mereka lagi honeymoon. Huuuu....

Yah dasar ga tega, gue foto deh...
(tapi gue siksa sedikit dgn koreografi yg aneh2 hihihihi)

Clark Quay (baca: Klark Ki), tempat hang out yg enak bgt. Di peta, dr tempat nginep kita di Sommerset Road cukup jauh, naek taksi deh. Ga taunye...ngggeeengg...cciiiitttt. nyampe! Yaelah...(naek bajaj jg bisa kalo di Jakarta, 12rb kali hehe).

Awalnya berniat ke tempat makan gaul Chijmes. Krn liyer letaknya, kita menanyakan lokasinya ke segerombolan anak muda, yg nunjuk ke kiri mengarah ke menara suatu gereja.

"Isn't that a church?" tanya kita
"Yes, it used to be..." kata mereka.

Jalan...jalan...lho kok tempat gaul sepi?? Ah masuk..lho...ini mah mang gereja beneran! St. Andrew's Cathedral. Trnyata, Chijmes ada di arah kanan anak2 td. Siauull...